Two new publications in TechTrends: Creativity and Play with Sandra Russ and online critical dialogue​

Creativity and Play

Shagun Singha and I interviewed creativity and play expert Dr. Sandra Russ for the latest in the Deep Play Research Group’s series on creative experts. We were inspired by her dedication to supporting children’s creativity through play.

Singha, S., Warr, M., Mishra, P., Henriksen, D., & The Deep-Play Research Group. (2020). Playing with creativity across the lifespan: A conversation with Dr. Sandra RussTechTrends.

Supporting Critical Dialogue Online

Paulo Friere described a pedagogical approach that empowers learners to take action to address inequities. But can this embodied, dialogue-centered approach happen online? Carrie Sampson and I explore what this might look like. 

Warr, M., & Sampson, C. (2020). Achieving critical dialogue in online doctoral programs: An exploration of student perceptions and experiences with multiple modalitiesTechTrends.