I have the honor of sharing some ideas about teaching, learning, and AI with New Mexican Educators Rising members at the 2024 Conference. Here are some concepts and resources that might be useful.

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Ideas for using LLMs in Learning

  • Scaffold
    • With this file: summarize, translate, outline
    • Give me feedback on this writing/slide show/infographic
    • Help me understand this error and give me practice problems to test my understanding
    • Explain this concept for a 1st grader
    • Give me an example of a college admissions essay
    • Disagree with my position and give me evidence
  • Create
    • Images
    • Documents
    • Code
    • Song lyrics
    • Poetry
  • Intellectual Partner
    • Help me brainstorm titles for this article
    • Help me make a study plan
    • Help me come up with a good essay topic
  • Simulation
    • Debate this topic with me (try both sides!)
    • Interview person, place, thing

Ideas for using LLMS in Teaching

  • Make Life Easier
    • Create custom reading passages and comprehension questions
    • Create tests and quizzes (based on sample questions)
    • Outline basic lesson plans
    • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Improve your skills
    • Ask AI to role play as a student who is struggling with a specific concept
    • Ask AI to role play as a parent who is unhappy about their child’s grade
    • Ask for feedback on a lesson plan or lesson transcript

Additional Resources


Santa Fe Institute: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Tool Reviews

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Resources – Product Certifications

Product Certifications

AI Literacy

Everyday AI

AI Literacy Lessons for Grades 6–12 | Common Sense Education

Revealing an AI Literacy Framework for Learners and Educators – Digital Promise

AI Activities and Lesson Plans

Common Sense Education: Lesson Plans

Curriculum — Civics of Technology (Technoskepticism)

Technoethical Integration — Civics of Technology

ChatGPT, Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence in Education – Ditch That Textbook

“ChatGPT Assignments to Use in Your Classroom Today” by Kevin Yee, Kirby Whittington et al.

Ethical Considerations

ChatGPT and Beyond: How to Handle AI in Schools | Common Sense Education


Artificial Intelligence – Office of Educational Technology: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching and Learning

GenAI in Teacher Education: A Technoskeptical Perspective | Punya Mishra’s Web