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Beat BAIS: A Dystopian Musical, Coming Soon to a School Near You

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the 2024 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education conference in Las Vegas, Nevada last week. Great people, great ideas. New and old friends. A quick recap: Friends! The best part of this conference was meeting up with some great friends from Arizona State, New Mexico State, and Monash Universities. (including […]

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Creative Exploration and March Madness

GenAI is weird. It is not human, but it can sound like it. It is very confident in its errors but, when confronted, quick to apologize…and repeat the same errors again. It could be seen as a synthesis of the internet (good, bad, and ugly) but with human guardrails that attempt to fix the ugly […]

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My Current Thoughts about AI (In Video Form)
Stranger Skills: Using Generative AI in Teaching and Learning

Over the past few months, I’ve been attempting to bring together the thoughts and ideas I’ve had about generative AI- what my findings on bias and my AI explorations means for using it in teaching and learning. As I was preparing for a new class this week, I decided to create a video about where […]

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